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Where do you get your frum Jewish news loshon harah online from? You see YWN censors its news like all good right wing news outlets. News stories that have anything to do with making frum people look bad are withheld from publication on Yeshiva World News, while stories that make Lubavitchers or the modern orthodox community look bad are published with glee. Another overlooked but great way to censor news and make money at the same time is by only allowing registered users to comment. YWN does this, thus allowing them to sell your name to companies seeking to send email blasts out to clients. YWN Hater October 30, ,

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Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, on shidduchim Bachurim often come to Rav Kanievsky close to their weddings and say that they are afraid of marriage. From mitzvos there is nothing to fear. Are you afraid of the mitzvah of esrog, or eating matzah?

Contact SeniorPassions Senior Passions Dating Websites on Messenger. Community. Impressum. People. 78 likes. Reviews and success stories of , a dating website for Jewish singles. Discover what other online daters think of this site. I had been in the Shidduch process for a long time was feeling kind of

These are general observations from personal experience with friends, family, and correspondence to me as a rabbi. Nancy Phelps How long before it is obvious to the community he is withholding the get to be spiteful? How long can he go on like that? Really a prime example of how illogical shidduch dating can be. Ben Waxman oh give me a break.

Especially in an environment where parental approval and support is necessary. Ben Waxman pressure can be bad and non-intervention can be bad. Over-intervention is an epidemic of mass proportions in the yeshivishe community. I think one could be frum and not operate based on parental approval and support. We are taking here about American Yeshivish type who marry at for the girls and for the guys. The parents make all the decisions except the final decision to marry. I am talking about systemic issues that arise in the course of the discussion about her case.

Ben Waxman actually what i heard from interviews with several MKs was that the prohibition of young marriage was really directed to the arabs. Goodman When I graduated high school, my parents and I had a serious disagreement about what to do next.

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Thursday, July 19, Shidduch Resumes For those who are unaware, the Shidduch resume is supposed to be a summary of all your stats, so your info is accessible to anyone who needs it. So, you usually include your shul, schools, parents names and occupations, and some references. That should be enough. However, in an effort to differentiate themselves from the next “smart, bubbly, frum-but-worldly” Bais Yaakov girl, people include things that I find unnecessary.

One girl wrote that she was on the Dean’s List in her college. Valedictorian is one thing.

 · Hardcover 6″ x 9″ Pages Written by: Leah Jacobs Published by: Artscroll If finding your bashert is frustrating to you, you’re not alone. There is so much confusion and angst, with everyo /general-books/

The list helps the boy and his parents organize the research of potential matches. When my two married daughters were dating, I made a list of potential boys that they would be interested in dating. Many people thought I was crazy, as girls do not make lists. However, if I could give one piece of Shidduch advice, it would be to compile a list of potential dates for both your sons and your daughters.

To create such a list, you need to call whatever contacts you have in the various frum communities. You must be very persistent in this effort and call everybody you can think of, even friends of friends. Describe your son and daughter and ask the contact if they can think of anybody who might be suitable. Write every name on your list and start researching who might be appropriate, and who could arrange the shidduch.

Then on a regular basis call the people who can arrange to ask about the potential date. Try to keep your list at 6 to 10 names at any time. It makes the process much less haphazard. Have you made potential shidduch lists for your sons? Have you made potential shidduch lists for your daughters?

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Out of stock Additional Information If finding your bashert is frustrating to you, you’re not alone. There is so much confusion and angst, with everyone giving contradictory advice. Finally, there is somewhere to turn that walks you through the entire dating process step-by-step. Shidduch Secrets is filled with true stories of real people who, using the secrets in this book, have found their marriage match.

Co-authors Leah Jacobs and Shaindy Marks, both seasoned counselors in this field, have combined their years of experience in this breakthrough new book that is certain to change the way people date. Their methodology is so powerful, their insights so deep, that their work is sure to cause a ripple effect throughout the dating world.

The Shidduch Crisis (including the appendix of common questions and the correct answers) is short and to the point. It is written as an essay, but an always engaging and entertaining one. Dr. Salamon intersperses his commentary with true dating stories which he then analyzes, always returning to the same point: If we cannot trust our children

How do we put a stop to this without causing any friction between the two families? Before addressing the actual inquiry presented, there are two items which I believe have greater overall import, and I would like to take a moment to discuss them. Once a shidduch is redd, the investigation that ensues, and the brief conversations asking friends and family what they think of the idea, become the locus at which almost every shidduch either blossoms or withers. As it is at that seemingly innocuous juncture that every shidduch lies in its most vulnerable and precarious position, it is vital that we are all fully prepared with the tools and knowledge necessary to handle these situations.

The four most dangerous words in the world of shidduchim just may be: Although they are ostensibly insignificant to the one who pronounces them, in the mind of someone at the precipice of saying yes or no to a shidduch, hearing those words immediately plants a negative seed, and has left countless shidduchim dead in the water for no substantive reason whatsoever.

Not too long ago, a shadchan who had successfully completed a shidduch shared with me the following story: And now they are married. Such replies are nothing more than an easy out for missing an opportunity due to poor decision-making, and any modicum of bashert accomplished would be despite those decisions, not thanks to them. Conjecturing about which singles are truly best for each other is a capricious endeavor at best.

We are all but emissaries for Hashem; He is the true mezaveig zivugim.


Good things take time, but great things happen all at once. Yes, I admit it is very hard to please me cinematically. And if you are wondering, yes, I do have a sense of humor. Maybe, by watching something with a good message, I will cancel the brain-numbing effects of staring into a hundred watt Light Bright. I have no scientific backing for this theory, but I like to believe there is some truth to it.

Transformative Stories: Alan Finds a Shidduch When I served as the rabbi of the New West End Synagogue in London, one of our members was Alan Sierota. Alan had lost his mother, and every Shabbos he would travel from Chiswick to his late mother’s shul, the New West End ://

In Sephardi synagogues the whole congregation sits for Kaddish, except: In Ashkenazi synagogues, the custom varies. Very commonly, in both Orthodox and Reform congregations, everyone stands; but in some especially many Conservative and Hasidic synagogues, most of the congregants sit. Sometimes, a distinction is made between the different forms of Kaddish, or each congregant stands or sits according to his or her own custom.

The Mourner’s Kaddish is often treated differently from the other variations of Kaddish in the service, as is the Half Kaddish before the maftir. At the first word of the prayer, at each Amen, at Yitbarakh, at Brikh hu, and for the last verse Oseh shalom. For Oseh shalom it is customary take three steps back if possible then bow to one’s left, then to one’s right, and finally bow forward, as if taking leave of the presence of a king, in the same way as when the same words are used as the concluding line of the Amidah.

It is written in Aramaic. Following the death of a parent, child, spouse, or sibling it is customary to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish in the presence of a congregation daily for thirty days, or eleven months in the case of a parent, [19] and then at every anniversary of the death. Customs for reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish vary markedly among various communities. In Sephardi synagogues, the custom is that all the mourners stand and chant the Kaddish together.

In Ashkenazi synagogues, the earlier custom was that one mourner be chosen to lead the prayer on behalf of the rest, though most congregations have now adopted the Sephardi custom. In many Reform synagogues, the entire congregation recites the Mourner’s Kaddish together. This is sometimes said to be for those victims of the Holocaust who have no one left to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish on their behalf.

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I know all of you have probably had enough of the topic, but for people like me and our parents, it is a consuming topic and one that we suffer through every day, and it seems like this is the place where serious, quality shidduch-related discussion takes place. I just finished two such experiences. In the first, I went out with a boy a number of times.

Ozer Simon, now in his 40s, says he was molested by a rabbi working as a teacher in his school in Miami in the s. The rabbi fled to Brooklyn after being accused of abuse.

Rubinstein and William D. Rubinstein, The Jews in Australia: A Thematic History 2 vols. Rutland, Edge of the Diaspora: Two Centuries of Jewish Settlement in Australia ; first ed. Each of these academic historians has written more concise general histories also.

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